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Scents for Home & Body

Feel Free to Change Your Mood

So many scents to choose from!  And so many ways to enjoy!
Roycetera uses only premium grade scent oils in our products.
Select a category, then click on the description cards to learn more about each scent.
Browse the several forms you can acquire it in.
Sprays, soaps, oils, incense, candles, reed diffusers and more!


Bring the outside in or indulge in your favorite to uplift your mood.

Feng Shui

It's elemental my dear to keep in balance.  Choose from deep Earth, fresh Water, clean Metal, spicy Fire or rich Wood.


What's your sign?  Or your dear one's?  Or find the one that's complimentary or enticing.

Winter Holiday

Warm up your home with the rich scents of Winter.  Fresh baked goods or spicy, maybe crispness of outside?

Scents for Home & Body: List

Everyday Scent Mediums

  • Incense - Hand-dipped in rich quality oils.  Very low soot.  Makes it easy and inexpensive to try a variety of scents and set the mood.

  • Candle - Colored transparent candle gel in decorative glass votive.

  • Linen Spray - Not only freshen your linens, freshen your rooms, spritz on your furnace, use in your car and more!

  • Soap - Roycetera Signature glycerin butterfly soap.  Very pretty. Offered in limited scents.  Packaged in organza fabric bag with a free butterfly charm.

  • Reed Diffuser - Use in your favorite bottle or select from one of our decorative tip-resistant bottles.  A set of reeds included.

  • Oil for Oil Warmers - A little oil goes a long way.  Use with your favorite oil burner or choose from 1 of ours.

  • Body Oil - Concentrated and nourishing.  Made with sunflower, apricot kernel and sweet almond oil.  Vitamin E enriched.  Can double as a massage oil too!

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